Bella Rose Jewelry

Bella Rose Jewelry is a gift left to me from my mother after her death in 2004. After her death I discovered a box of old Holy Medals that she had collected over the years in her many travels. My mother fought an ongoing battle with cancer for 30 years and in her many years of remission she visited holy places and places of healing throughout Europe, where she collected these medals.  Upon discovery I decided to do something with these beautiful heirlooms, and Bella Rose Jewelry was born. As I look back I think she knew on some level my husband would also pass away 9 years later and I would need something to sustain myself and my children Bella and Rose. I hope what I have created out of sadness and loss and blessings beyond belief will find its way to you, bringing the same joy that I have had making it for you.

Tammie Palermo Morris

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