Magnolia Pearl and Me

Magnolia Pearl and Me

Magnolia Pearl is more than just clothing; it is Art, lifestyle…..a feeling.

My love affair with Magnolia Pearl and Robin Brown’s unique and beautiful creations started many years ago. I was invited to go see a Magnolia Pearl fashion show by a friend who was just raving on and on about the clothing. I had heard of the line but never really seen it, so I accepted the invite. Upon my first viewing, I was blown away by the beauty of the line, the overall feel of it and the great attention to detail. And…. was totally hooked.

The clothing line is composed of vintage fabrics and laces and is Robin’s “Labor of Love” to the world. Imperfection is Magnolia Pearl's aesthetic in an impermanent, ever changing world it surpasses trends and is timeless. This unique layered look is one of beauty and comfort, unparalleled to any other line of fashion. Each handcrafted piece is designed with love, passion, and warmth woven into every thread.  I bought several pieces that night and fell in love with them and Robin’s vision. Magnolia Pearl gives you a feeling when you wear it. It runs you through a gamut of emotions, the first one usually being ”I’m never taking this off” followed by a warm fuzzy feeling almost like a remembrance of a some far off magical place you know you have been to, but can’t quite place.

Wearing Magnolia Pearl is an adventure in itself. The pieces are created in very small quantities so generally, you aren’t going to see someone running around dressed like you. The look you acquire with it is completely unique to you and the way you choose to wear it and accessorize it. I wear mine with Western flair, but Magnolia Pearl has no fashion boundaries. You may ask, well, what style is it? Is it Victorian, western, bohemian? The answer to that is…It’s whatever you make it. Magnolia Pearl is, if you will indulge my imagination,…a beautiful palette prepared for you by Robin, where the last remaining touches to complete the masterpiece are up to you. When you step out in it, people notice.

I have a collection of Magnolia Pearl in my closet and each piece is dearly loved and could never be parted with. I think the most beautiful thing about Magnolia Pearl is that it is, to me anyway, art. It speaks to me that way. When I combine the pieces and then add my own personal touches to them, I am able to transcend the bland cookie cutter fashions of today and create my own masterpiece. Because, as all of us true fashionistas know…FASHION IS ART! But, not all “art” is created equal. Art is supposed to evoke emotion and to create contemplation. Robin Brown has captured this with Magnolia Pearl, and IS an artist in every aspect that that implies. In the case of Magnolia Pearl, the quality and rarity of the pieces are unparalleled. There is no confinement in the pieces, nor certain way you have to wear it.  When you put them on they feel like “Home”. It doesn’t restrain you in fit, nor in genre or style. If you are familiar with Magnolia Pearl, than you already know this, but it is my great honor and happiness to introduce you to it and Robin Brown’s visions if you are not.  This unique layered look is one of beauty and comfort, unparalleled to any other line of fashion. With great attention to hand crafted detail, the pieces are limited run on constant production, as opposed to seasonal or biannual. The pieces are always current and work well with previous purchased pieces. Magnolia Pearl has an impressive, universal following of passionate art collectors that cherish their pieces. Each piece is a rarity. The line exudes the essence of unique and originality. The quality is exceptional, as each piece is individually handcrafted. All Magnolia Pieces are original and full of character. The natural color dying creates variations that are one of a kind. Inconsistency is part of the products originality, Character and hand-made quality. No two items are identical. This is part of the lines unique identity and beauty.

In this blog a wished to convey the way that Magnolia Pearl makes me feel but, I do truly believe the only way to really know is to experience it yourself. There is nothing about Robin or Magnolia Pearl that is average. Magnolia Pearl is not made to be like the rest, it’s made to be different, just like you. You can purchase MP on our website or book a private appointment for a viewing or shopping with us at Cowgirl Kim’s Hidden Closet. Just give us a call to set up your special time and you can shop in privacy in our hidden spot. We can’t wait to share our love of this line with you! I hope that you will enjoy and try Magnolia Pearl for yourself and seek the journey, marching steadily to the beat of your own drum. Sending much love and happy fashion vibes to all of my fellow fashionistas out there –

XOXO, Marcy


 PLEASE NOTE: ALL Magnolia Pearl does require a flat rate shipping fee, at minimum. Free shipping is not included on any Magnolia Pearl items. Also, there are No Discounts, NO Markdowns, No Special Offers, No Sales, No Points Programs will work for these items either. If you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out. 

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