Cowgirl Kim's Mobile App

Cowgirl Kim's Mobile App

Do you like to shop with the tap of a button? You're in luck! Cowgirl Kim now has a new mobile app. That's right, if you are an iPhone user you can have Cowgirl Kim products at the tap of a button for FREE. For FREE! How cool is that? 

Its simple. You will need to go to your app store and search for "Cowgirl Kim- The Mercantile". Once you have found the app, click on the app and hit the download button and allow the app to download.

Once the app has downloaded, it will ask you if you would like push notifications. These push notifications will tell you when we are having promotions, sales, and new things that are happening at Cowgirl Kim. All you have to do it hit the button "Allow". If you are not interested in the push notifications, but still want the Cowgirl Kim mobile app all you have to do its hit "Do not allow". 

After you have completed setting up the app, you may use the app freely! A few tips for our Mobile app will be helpful, so here a few to get you started! The three dots, at the top left corner of the app, is where you will find all of our "headings". You will be able to look at featured products, collections, your shopping cart, your orders, and your account information. The coat hanger, at the top right corner of the app, is your shopping cart. You will be able to see anything you have put in your cart here and be able to check out at this point as well. 

How do you put things in your shopping cart? Once you have found and item you are wanting to purchase, there will be a "Buy Now" button. Simply hit the "Buy Now" button and it will automatically take you to your shopping cart and give you the option to check out. If you wish to delete an item in your shopping cart, slide the item to the left and hit "delete" and the item will be taken out of your cart. 

Lastly, we accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and Lay-Buy. You may use any one of these payments through our app! 

Happy shopping, Cowgirls! 

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