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Hey Cowgirl Kim Ladies!  Something has just happened I thought you all should know about.  I will try to keep this BLOG brief and to the point.  I know you all have limited time to read these types of things.

My wife, Donna, and I recently took a six week vacation to New Zealand, Australia, Fiji Islands , Honolulu and Seattle.  This was a long trip and we had a weight limit on how much we could pack for the trip.  We could each take one checked piece of luggage and it could not weigh over 50 pounds. Of course, that meant that Donna could pack 70 pounds of clothing and I could pack no more than 30 pounds. J LOL

Donna decided to take mostly Double D Ranchwear, Roja, Sympli and Vintage Collection tops.  The bottoms she wore were mostly short or jeans.  We were going to climates that ranged from very cool to downright hot.  So, layering was the best clothing option.  The Sympli tops were perfect for the first layer or as a standalone top.  Sympli offers basic black or white that packs well and doesn’t wrinkle easily.

She took beautifully embellished tops from DDR, Roja and Vintage Collection and a Back Stage Jacket from Double D Ranchwear.  The jacket color coordinated with every top she packed.  Some of the Double D Ranchwear tops were embellished with Indian Chief prints and embroidery.  Other DDR blouses and T- shirts had beads, embroidery and unique stitching patterns on them.  Velvet blouses from Roja dressed up her look for evening and beautifully embroidered Vintage Collection cotton blouses were perfect during the day and for smart casual evening wear.

She looked great at ALL times!  It was amazing how many compliments she got from fellow Americans , the New Zealanders , the Aussies, the Hawaiians and even the Seattle natives.   Ladies ( and gentlemen)  would stop her and ask what was that she was wearing and where could they buy some.  It was truly amazing to us that so many people from all over the world had never seen anything like what she was wearing before.  THEY LOVED IT! THEY LOVED THE FABRICS, THE QUALITY and THE STYLE!

So all you Cowgirl ladies need to think about what Cowgirl Kim offers not only for your Western Lifestyle needs, but for vacation wear and cruise wear.  Try it. You won’t be disappointed.  You will be beautiful and unique in your fashion sense.   After all, isn’t that what wearing great fashions from Cowgirl Kim is all about?   Have Fun!  Be unique and beautiful with Cowgirl Kim Chic Southwestern Lifestyle garments. 

Thanks for taking time to this, Ron

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