Cowgirl Kim Rewards Program

Cowgirl Kim Rewards Program

Are you interested in getting rewards simply for shopping? This rewards program is for you! 

If you visit, you will see a little black, square button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. The button will state "Rewards". 

Go ahead and click on the black button "Rewards". Once you click on this it will either ask you to sign into your account, if you have one, or to create an account. 

Once you have an account, you may login. After you are logged in you may click back on the "Rewards" button and it will pull up your account information. From here it will tell you how to redeem your points and how to earn them. For example: you can earn points by following us on Instagram, sharing or liking our Facebook posts, and you will earn points with EVERY order you place! How cool is that? And just like that you are earning rewards each time you shop!

This rewards program is simple and great, all it requires you todo is shop! Who doesn't like to shop and be rewarded for it? 

 Happy shopping, Cowgirls! Yee-haw!! 

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