Cowgirl Kim Treasure Hunt

Cowgirl Kim Treasure Hunt

Welcome to Cowgirls Kim's Treasure Hunt! 

If you are competitive, love a good game, and want a chance to win a Squash Blossom, turquoise cuff and more, then this is for you!

This Treasure Hunt will be exciting, fun, and competitive. We will be giving the winner a Treasure Chest full of Native American Jewelry and more, equaling approximately $5,500 in retail. Best part NO PURCHASE necessary, just register to begin playing! 

Please go to to register to yourself to play! Here you will find how to play, prizes, rules, and more! If you have any questions in regards to this game, please email us at Make sure to tell you friends and family, so they can join the virtual hunt too! 

*** Cowgirl Kim does not sell or give out any emails. **** 

Happy Hunting! 

Riddle 1: My clothes are shades of green. I have a bark like a dog. You search me for goods, and I sleep like a log. What am I? 

Answer #1: Tree

Riddle 2: A symbol of the American West. His homeland stretched to the Great Rocky Mountains eastward to the western edge of the Mississippi Valley, and from Montana and South Dakota southward to Texas and northern Mexico. In his westward homeland - the only place in the world he has ever been found - he was comfortable and prolific until the white man came. In Texas alone he occupied 90,000 square miles, roughly one third of the area of state. A conservative estimate in 1905 set his population at 800,000. His cities stretching the length from San Angelo on to the south of Clarendon the north, a distance of 250 miles. He does not drink water, it's true. He forced the cowhand to alter his technique of riding; a true survivor. Who is he? 

Answer #2: Prairie Dog 

Riddle #3: Look into the Universe and what do you see? A light so bright, as clear as can be. Somber and solemn the light cast a gleam for all of the earth to follow with awe and esteem. A state of mind leaves you alone. Where or what is this? 

Answer #3: Lone Star State

Riddle #4: I am a Traditional American Folk Song dating back to the 1850's. I have a city in the Panhandle nick named after me! I am as bright as the sun and beautiful as can be. What or who am I? 

Answer #4: Yellow Roe Of Texas 

Riddle #5: I have mountains. I have cities, but no houses. I have water, but no fish. Who or what am I? 

Answer #5: A Map

Riddle #6: It was effective in drawing out snake venom and also considered to work in the drawing out of rabies...if one was found in time. (In the old days or the Wild West) It was moistened in hot milk and applied to the wound. If it did not adhere, it was presumed the person being healed was not ill after all. To do any good it had to stick to the flesh for a long while, drawing the poison out of the wound and absorbing it into its own porous substance. After it had soaked up a certain amount of poison it would no longer adhere. Then it would be put into a vessel of hot milk, and the milk would turn green from the poison being released. People who knew the most knew that the best ones came out of the stomachs of deer. Some were so revered for their healing properties they were passed down for generations. What or who am I? 

Answer #6: Madstone 

Riddle #7: Many places there are in the world new and old with two hundred and fifty four making the whole. North, South, East or West only this one is the best of the best. What or who am I? 

Answer #7: Texas (254 Counties makes up the State of Texas) 

Clue #8: Gone are the days of the wild wild West. Only a few bastions of honor remain. Long knives are now the law of the land. Done are the Natives that covered the plains. 

Answer #8: G.O.L.D 

Clue #9: Find the clue in the puzzle: 

Answer #9: Silver Lining 

Clue #10: What or Where is this? 



Answer #10: Thomas and Mack Center - Las Vegas 

Clue #11: What can be associated with the following? 

- Golf 

- Steak

- Roads 

- Fits 

Answer #11: T 

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