Hey Dude

Hey Dude Wendy Funk Cheetah

Hey Dude Wendy Funk Cheetah


    • Hey Dude Wendy Funk Cheetah Collage Women's

      Take any outfit to the next level with a little design funk! That's exactly what you'll get out of the Wendy Funk collection, plus an exotic side! Don't miss a step standing out with these fun patterns, prints, and elements. Featuring our best selling core colors, with just an extra bit of wild to it. Still made with our easy-on system featuring elastic laces and an ultralight outsole to keep the funk going all day long. 


      Shoe Specs:

      • Flex & Fold Technology
      • 8-ounce cotton canvas with contrasting detail
      • Contrasting, oxford-cotton lining
      • Easy-On System with elastic laces
      • Ultralight outsole
      • Ergonomic, leather-lined, removable memory-foam insole
      • Machine washable (cold), Air dry
      Flex & Fold Technology 
    • Cotton-blend and hemp upper with contrasting heel detail
    • Contrasting, printed-cotton lining 
    • Easy-On System with cotton laces
    • Ultralight outsole
    • Cork-lined, removable insole
    • Easy to wash, air dry 
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