Magnolia Pearl

Magnolia Pearl - Jacket 881 - Hawk Jacket - Tree

Magnolia Pearl - Jacket 881 - Hawk Jacket - Tree


This item supports the efforts of Musically Fed in its mission to help feed Indigenous Americans, including Indigenous American Veterans, and other programs that support Indigenous Americans. Please to learn more. 

A camouflage cocoon for your true nature - the Hawk Jacket is a wearable metamorphosis. Emerge anew each time.

  • Cotton Twill
  • Paint & Stains
  • Oversized Pockets
  • Metal Snap Closures
  • Hand-Fading, Distressing, Patching & Mending
  • Floral Print Lining with Quote by Chief Sitting Bull (Hunkpapa Lakota): “Healthy feet can feel the very heart of Mother Earth.”
  • Graphic Print Hawk on Back 
  • MP Love Co. Patch

Each Magnolia Pearl item is cut "One Size Fits Most".

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