The Hottest Summer Cowgirl Chic Fashion

The Hottest Summer Cowgirl Chic Fashion

When the summer heat is scorching, cowgirl fashion can be both functional and fashionable. Cowgirl Kim offers a wide range of trendy collections, including Magnolia Pearl, Double D RanchwearTasha Polizzi and more to help you stay cool and stylish during the hot summer months. In this blog post, we'll explore the best ways to rock cowgirl chic fashion while beating the heat. Let's dive in!

  1. Embrace Lightweight Fabrics: During the summer, it's essential to opt for lightweight fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Magnolia Pearl's collection features airy dresses, tops, and skirts made from high-quality linen and cotton blends. These breathable fabrics not only keep you comfortable but also exude a bohemian charm that is perfect for the summer months. Check out the Magnolia Pearl collection at Cowgirl Kim to find your perfect summer ensemble.

  2. Go for Flowy Silhouettes: Flowy silhouettes are a staple of cowgirl chic fashion, and they are ideal for staying cool in the summer. Double D Ranchwear offers a range of breezy dresses and tops that feature loose cuts and flowing designs. The Terra Nova dress, for example, is made from lightweight fabric with intricate embroidery and lace details, making it a perfect choice for hot summer days. Explore the Double D Ranchwear collection at Cowgirl Kim to discover more summer-friendly styles.

  3. Opt for Light Colors and Prints: Light colors and playful prints are a great way to embrace the summer vibes. Tasha Polizzi's collection offers a variety of clothing pieces with vibrant patterns and light hues that capture the essence of the season. Whether you choose a colorful printed skirt or a pastel-toned blouse, Tasha Polizzi's collection at Cowgirl Kim has the perfect summer pieces to elevate your cowgirl chic look.

  4. Stay Protected with Wide-Brim Hats and Sun Hats: As a cowgirl, protecting yourself from the sun is essential. Complete your summer cowgirl chic outfit with a wide-brim hat or a stylish sun hat. These accessories not only add a touch of western flair but also provide shade and protection from the sun's harmful rays. Pair your hat with a flowing dress from the Magnolia Pearl collection for an effortless summer look.

  5. Stay On-Trend with Fringe and Embroidery: Fringe and embroidery are timeless elements of cowgirl fashion. To add a touch of western charm to your summer outfits, incorporate fringe details or embroidered accents. These elements can be found in various pieces from the Magnolia Pearl, Double D Ranchwear, and Tasha Polizzi collections at Cowgirl Kim. They add a unique flair to your cowgirl chic ensembles, making them perfect for summer festivals and outdoor events.


Summer is the perfect time to showcase your cowgirl chic fashion sense while staying comfortable in the heat. With Cowgirl Kim's diverse collection, including Magnolia Pearl, Double D Ranchwear, and Tasha Polizzi, you can effortlessly achieve a cool and stylish cowgirl look. From lightweight fabrics to flowy silhouettes and playful prints, these collections have everything you need to rock your summer style. So, head over to our collections and explore our exclusive inventory to create your perfect summer cowgirl ensemble today.

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