2022 Cowgirl Kim Holiday Shopping Guide

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Looking for some ideas to pamper the ones you love this year? Here at Cowgirl Kim, we're happy to help you cross off all the gifts you'll need this holiday. Check out our holiday shopping guide, with suggestions for each type of friend or family member on your list.

For the Flashy

We all know that one friend or family member who likes their style loud. They love big and bright, and the more glitz and glamor they can attract, the better. For them, consider options like the Tasha Polizzi multi-color patchwork coat, or the Tasha Polizzi Colt 44 tunic. They're both bright, bold, colorful and full of sass... just like you know who. Old Gringo boots are also a great option, especially these Currie Snake boots.

For the Eclectic

magnolia pearl clothing holiday giftsEverybody has their own style and personality, but this person tends be go a little further off the beaten path and march to the beat of their own kazoo. For them, you can't go wrong with Magnolia Pearl. It's whimsical, eclectic, and diverse - just like their interests. Consider the Penrose Cropped Jacket or the Patchwork Vijji Kimono.

For the Subtle

This personality type can be harder to buy for since they're so... understated. It's not that they don't have impeccable taste and style, it's just that it's much more muted and subdued than either of the previous archetypes. For this personality type, try brands like Double D Ranch or Vintage Collection. They're still bright and colorful, but not as loud as some of the others. We'd suggest the Mars Tunic, Dragonfly Riders Dress, or Comal Dress.

For the Adventurous

wild instincts apparel holiday gifts christmas

Do you have that one person on your list who's always up for an adventure - or at least likes to dress like they are? Consider the Wild Instincts line. It's a collection of feminine western-wear that looks great but also has a bit more of a ruggedness to it. Check out some of our favorite items, like the Double Crossed Fringe Vest or the Great Plains Jacket

For the Comfort Lover

vintage havana shoes holiday gifts christmas presents

While all of our brands offer looks that are cozy and comfortable, if you want to find the perfect gift for that person who wants to make casual runs to Target without compromising their style, look at Vintage Havana for trendy, casual footwear that they're sure to love. You could also style any of these options with some great tops, like the Racehorse Oats tee, the Highland shirt, or the Chief Joseph A-Line dress.


No matter what the personal style of your loved ones, there's something for all fashion styles at Cowgirl Kim. Check out all of our latest items to see what's new in stock and find the perfect gift to make you everyone's favorite this holiday season. 

This time of year, we also want to take a moment to express our appreciation to all of you for being a part of our growth. Cowgirl Kim doesn't exist without your support and fandom, and we appreciate each and every one of you. Merry Christmas from our team to yours, and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

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