Double D Ranch

Double D Ranch Racehorse Oats Tee- String

Double D Ranch Racehorse Oats Tee- String

$91.00 $182.00


 We love a top that masters the art of Americana that’s not in your face. The classic cotton tee features a patriotic palette but is anchored by an homage to everyday life and your average small-town feed store. With subtle stars on the front and (our favorite) horseshoes accented by contrasting fringe on the back, it’s 360 degrees of red, white, and beautiful.

  • color: string, watering hole
  • content: 100% cotton
  • embellishments: printing, embroidery, contrast stitching, fringe
  • size: XS-2X
  • fit: new relaxed slim
  • style number: T3617
  • collection: Traveling Show
  • in stock
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