Double D Ranch

Double D Ranch Matagorda Livestock Show Tee- Alfalfa

Double D Ranch Matagorda Livestock Show Tee- Alfalfa

$130.00 $198.00


This long lovely top is the FFA turned fancy! If you grew up in a rural, small-town like we did, odds are you showed a few animals in your day. This top is kind of a funny iteration of that time in our lives when Hedy was showing livestock and Cheryl was more concerned about outfits and embellishments! The soft cotton top features a classic image of a cow with “Matagorda Livestock Show” and “1989” (which of course is to commemorate our first fall collection – we were all well past stock show age by then!), but also features unique and intricate embroidery and accents in eye-catching colors. A really fun combo.

  • color: man in black, alfalfa
  • content: 100% cotton
  • embellishment: embroidery, printed imagery, rhinestones, contrast detail
  • size: XS-2X
  • fit: loose
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