Double D

Double D Ranch Bonita Blanca Dress

Double D Ranch Bonita Blanca Dress

$102.00 $255.00


 This vibrant striped serape is bringing in all the spring/summer vibes, and what better way than in a flowing sundress? The bold stripes are assembled at angles to keep it aesthetically interested and embellished with a front panel of folk art floral embroidery. It has a flow midi silhouette with mid-length sleeves and a chic tie-string V-neck. It’s the kind of dress that makes a girl wanna twirl! 

  • color: print
  • content: 100% viscose
  • embellishment: embroidery
  • size: XS-2X
  • fit: loose
  • style number: D1333
  • collection: Foray to Folk
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