Magnolia Pearl

Magnolia Pearl Cotton Twill Galaxy Mireya Dress~Threadgood

Magnolia Pearl Cotton Twill Galaxy Mireya Dress~Threadgood


If you want to be your own person and not follow main steam fashion then this dress by Magnolia Pearl is for you. The wide neck allows you to wear it off the shoulder for a look. Pair it with Magnolia Pearl pants or wear it alone as a dress. Either way you will feel good and be wearing a piece of fashion most have never seen. The thin Cotton Twill Galaxy Mireya Dress with White Hand Stitching, Mending and Raw Edges will become an expression of you. How you navigate your look, it's just that your look. The bust measures approx. 48 inches.

Magnolia Pearl is a state of being, art you might say. The top is a piece that you will wear once and never want to take it off. Imperfection is their aesthetic and the designer loves to embrace the imperfections of life through her clothes. No two items are exactly alike. All designs are a limited run and each piece is a rarity. The tee is a one size fits most. With a bust measuring approx. 48" inches. Sister and I both can wear the same shirt.

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