Cowgirl Kim

Cowgirl Kim Vintage Hachita Turquoise Cuff

Cowgirl Kim Vintage Hachita Turquoise Cuff


Wow, talk about a huge Hachita Turquoise Stone. The Hachita turquoise mining activity dates from pre-historic to 1905. Like Tyrone turquoise, Hachita was also called "Azure", but also went by many other names. It is located in New Mexico. You will find a bit of Hachita in Turquoise Jewelry today and vintage turquoise jewelry. Hachita is one of the harder New Mexico Turquoise Mines to get turquoise from. This amazing piece is crafted by Carson Blackgoat, a well known Navajo Artist. The Sterling Silver cuff is heavy cuff with dramatic lines that make this cuff stunning. The Hachita Turquoise stone measures approx.1.5 inches long and 1 inch in width. The cuff opening measures approx. 1 inch.

Hand Made Vintage Navajo Cuff

Features Carson Blackgoat's Hallmark

Sterling Silver and Vintage Hachita Turquoise