Turquoise is the New Black!

Posted on 03/21/17


Western fashion is unobtainable without the presence of turquoise, that is just a fact of life! The bold colors and stunning matrix are simply irresistible! Whether it be cuffs, pendants, rings, earrings, or squash blossoms we simply can never get enough! The use of turquoise traces back hundreds, if not thousands of years and can be found in many cultures from all over the world, in fact turquoise is said to be the oldest gem stone in human history! Although the colors, properties, and usage differed greatly from location to location almost every culture that incorporated turquoise believed the precious gem possessed special powers. The Apache Indians of North America embedded the stone in their bows because they believed the presence improved the accuracy of their shot, the Aztec used the stone in ceremonial garments, and Asian countries believed the stone guaranteed good health and fortune. Although turquoise can be found worldwide, American Turquoise is known as the most valuable. Originally found by Native Americans of the Southwest with the earliest mine being discovered in New Mexico. As the demand of turquoise increased mines were developed in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and even California! In the 1800’s the Navajo began to craft turquoise jewelry accompanied by sterling silver that was introduced by the English which has highly influenced artisans to this day. As years have passed turquoise jewelry has become increasingly prominent with values ranging from $1.00/carat all the way to $300.00/carat. The proof is in the pudding, turquoise jewelry has remained popular throughout centuries and will remain so. That being said, although genuine American turquoise pieces can sometimes carry a hefty price tag they are a phenomenal investment that will only increase in value! Click the link to start browsing our turquoise jewelry inventory now! https://cowgirlkim.com/collections/jewelry
-Mattie Kimbrough

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  • Snow alewine: June 14, 2017

    Great stuff…….

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