The Early Bird gets the Worm!

Posted on 08/24/17

As we transition from Summer to Fall, new styles are flooding through the door! We all have our favorite pieces that have been calling our names since we first caught wind of them, and here at Cowgirl Kim we want to make sure you get the first pick of all those long awaited styles! We get calls daily from customers curious about when a certain piece will arrive so they can own it! We are typically given ETA's, however they are just that, estimates. In trying to avoid making empty promises and to take the guessing and anticipation out of it all, we have what we call a "Waiting List" for all the upcoming season's designers and styles. This is a place where we record your name and contact info as well as the favorite pieces you are longing for and we guarantee to let you know the minute that piece goes live on our site so you can grab your beloved piece! If there is something that you love that we may not have on order we are ALWAYS more than happy to get in touch with the designer and special order whatever it may be for you! Also, if you would like to be sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will receive your piece without anyone buying it out from underneath you we do allow you to place an order ahead of time although we find that it makes the wait that much harder! Customer service is our biggest priority and we would always like your shopping experience with us to be as flawless and pleasant as possible, with that being said please do not hesitate to chat with us or give us a call with any questions and concerns you may have or even if you just need some help making up your mind, we are here to help you and would love to hear from you! 
-Mattie Kimbrough


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