Out with the Old in with the New

Posted on 01/20/17

Spring is just around the corner and so far we are loving what we see! This season’s style is going to be out of this world! Filled with feminine florals, vibrant hues, flattering cuts, and classic western styles! I truly believe this will be the best season yet! Now as a girl who loves her neutrals Spring is a hard time for me to dress, learning to reach for a yellow sundress over my trusty black romper is a constant struggle but after seeing a few of these pieces I think I’m going to have to throw that boring, old romper out the window! Isn’t that what Spring is all about? Out with the old in with the new? Spring is the time to push the envelope and try new things, be brave in your choices! A fresh Spring wardrobe begins with a great top but ends with a great statement jewelry piece! Whether it be a fun turquoise squash or a large cuff now is the time to accessorize! Lucky for you Kim and Megan snagged a bunch of drool worthy pieces at market! Loads of turquoise from across the country, spiney oyster, Navajo pearls, and so much more! So many different variables go into a phenomenal seasonal wardrobe and Cowgirl Kim is guaranteed to be a one stop shop! If you can’t find anything or are having a hard time choosing just give us a call and we will help you find something you, and everyone else will adore for many years to come!


-Mattie Kimbrough


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