How to Get the Perfect Fit!

Posted on 07/20/17


Boots fit differently than shoes. Differences in styles of toes, types of leather and design of the heels can affect the fit. As in shoes, each manufacturer will probably fit a little differently. ALL BRANDS
BEST LEATHERS AND CRAFTSMANSHIP AVAILABLE. None of the boots sold here at Cowgirl Kim or The Mercantile are production grade boots.
Normal shoe width for Ladies boots is B. All the boots offered in our online assortment are B width. As you go up in sizes, the length of the boot gets longer and the width of the boot gets proportionally wider.
  • HOW TO PUT BOOTS ON: First, sit down on a chair or bench. Put your fingers or boot pullers into the straps at the top of the boot, start your foot into the boot, now, stand up into the boot, simultaneously pull the boot up by the straps. Your foot should slide into the boot and you may hear a pop or thud as your foot settles into the foot bed. You may want to use a small amount of baby powder to help the new boot go on easier. Cowgirl Kim suggests that you use boot socks to try on your boots. The thickness of a sock can affect the fit of your boot. Try not to use socks that are damp. Damp socks will make it much harder to try a boot on.
  • INSTEP: Most boots do not have laces; therefore, the instep is important to the fit and comfort of a boot. Boots should feel snug on the instep, but not real tight or too loose. A good way to determine if the instep fit is correct on your boots is by rubbing you thumb across the instep. There should be a small bump or wrinkle that appears in the leather as you rub across the boot. If there is no wrinkle or bump at all, the boot is probably too tight. If there is a large wrinkle, the boot is probably too loose.
  • BALL OF FOOT: The ball of the foot is the widest part of your foot. It is also the widest part of your boot. The ball of your foot should match where the widest part of the boot outsole is located when you are standing up in the boot. This is where the boot flexes when you walk. If the ball of your foot does not match where the boot flexes, then the boot is too short or too long for you.
  • HEEL: Heel slippage is normal and over time the boot will conform to your foot. In a boot, heel slippage is essential to the proper fit of the boot. Normal slippage is between a ¼ to ½ inch. This is about a finger width in slippage height.
TOE BOX: The toe box of a boot surrounds your toes. In a boot, the toe box is made of a semi-ridged material. You should be able to wiggle your toes easily inside the boot. Do not press on the toe box like you might on a tennis shoe or regular shoe. It can permanently damage the boot. As you run your finger gently across your little toe area while standing in the boot, make sure your toe does not extend outside the boot welt. If it does, the boot is probably too narrow for you. Try the next size up. Remember, it is likely that your feet are not the same exact size. So, you should fit your boot to your largest foot. You can always wear a thicker sock or use and orthotic to take up a little room in the boot that is on your smaller foot. Other than stretching a boot, not much can be done if the boot is too small, especially in the toe box.
Follow these guidelines for fit and we think you will start to love not only the way your boots look, but the comfortable way they fit. Cowboy boots are a timeless fashion. Your hand-made boots from Cowgirl Kim will give you years and years of pleasure. 


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