How "Cowgirl Kim" Came to Be

Posted on 12/09/16

It is very rare to find a job you not only love doing but that you love the people that you do it with! For whatever reason God blessed me with the amazing and life changing job to work for and with the “Cowgirl Kim” and I have never looked back! If you wanted to count how many times I have moved you’d have to use all fingers and toes and to count how many times I’ve changed jobs, well you’d be counting until the cows came home! For a 20 year old I had the life experience of a 60 year old and probably the same amount of ornery tendencies. I came across a help wanted post on Facebook for Cowgirl Kim and living in the town over and sick to death of my current job I sent my resume and by the grace of God I ended up here. Since then Kim has not just become my boss but an extremely influential entity in my life, a great friend, and a part of my family. Kim has an uncanny ability to touch the lives of anyone she encounters and leaves them better than she finds them, this has been the solid ground that she has built her company on. Her conviction of hard work, blind faith, and tangible kindness is evident from her relationships with designers, employees, and customers alike. Kim’s story begins as a ranchers daughter with a taste for everything western and a highly driven entrepreneurial mother that instilled the principal that the sky was the limit. At a time when many were struggling financially, Kim’s family was no different. With a closet full of clothes she had collected over the years and bills that needed to be paid Kim went and purchased a mannequin and began dressing the model with her clothing and accessories and listed them on Ebay. What seemed like overnight, women were going crazy over her unique taste and style. With such a huge response Kim felt as though she was on to something! She began to scour resale shops for high end western wear and one of a kind accessories to piece together and sell. With a degree that combined commercial and fine art Kim was finally settling into her calling. Resale shops turned into market showrooms and closets turned into offices. Soon enough Kim knew that she was ready to create her own site. She wanted the website to be a place for women to come and find themselves! She wanted customer service to be of the upmost importance. Being an online only store she knew that women would not be able to try on merchandise and she wanted to ensure that they would not just be pleased but over the moon with their purchases! We pride ourselves in the depth we go to make sure this is the case. We have women all over the world that call and tell us their stories and hardships, women that want to share their lives with us and our job isn’t to just sell them clothing, it is to listen, to empathize, and to care. Our job is sitting on the phone and letting customers vent, cry, rejoice, and getting measurements for every size of every piece, in every collection if necessary. Our jobs are so much more than selling clothes, every day we get a chance to connect with people and leave them with a smile. We adore our customers and Kim has always gone above and beyond to make sure they receive the best of the best. At market she searches for pieces that are full of individuality and sass, unique pieces that seem to have something to say. Kim wants her bravery, boldness, and femininity to shine through her clothing and she strives for women all over the world to feel the same confidence she has!   Almost 17 years later Cowgirl Kim has done nothing but flourish! With the launching of our 4th site Kim has always let God take the lead in every facet of her life and there is no doubt that although the road has been long and at times rough it will continue to be a rewarding ride. Cowgirl Kim’s journey is a true testament to unwavering faith, true grit, and incredible humility. With a heart as timeless and valuable as the pieces she sells there is no doubt that Cowgirl Kim is the place to shop! 


- Mattie Kimbrough


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  • Karen Morrow: December 10, 2016

    What an inspiring story! Blessings to Kim & her staff!

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